The Dark of Night

A letter home

Dear brother.

Ylesia, we finally arrived. We managed to park the ship on the Spaceport of Colony 2. It was quite a bit bigger than I expected. So many ships are parked here! The pilgrimage in the honor of The One seems to attract many a people and species to this warm and lush planet.

On our way to the Main Building of the Spaceport we bumped into some scoundrels. They must have had bad things on their mind, considering the way they were armed. One human was even carrying this big gun over his shoulder. I tried to keep the pups away from him. You’d think that, if you want to become one with the One and All, you wouldn’t need any weapons. We came here to leave all the violence behind us. I was glad to see the local customs agency did their work well, confiscating those arms.

Having dealt with the local administration we entered the town proper. You wouldn’t believe how beautiful it is here! People are happy and there is singing all around. There’s someting in the air. There’s excitement, joy, and peace. It truely is a place where I feel we belong.

Tomorrow we’ll be on the barge on the river towards Colony 1 and the exultation ceremony. We’re lucky they are doing a new one so close to the last one. It must’ve been faith.

It’ll be a long day so it’s about time we go to bed. I’ve heard it’s quite hard to get messages out once we will hit the river so I expect this to be the last message for a while.

Give my regards to your wife and children on Cathar. I know you don’t approve of our journey. But I hope you find it in your heart to wish us well. Our mother, wife and children wish you the best.

Take care.



Logbook Olen Varik - Part 4

We’re making leaps of progress now and I have the feeling that my investment in the Alliance is starting to pay off. We’re heading to Flesia right now in our newly acquired shuttle, which reminds me that we should give it a proper nickname at some point. The Alliance seems to trust us enough and has sent us to find a missing agent of theirs named Tanjin aka “The Djini”, a Rodian. He supposedly was trying to acquire intelligence on the Black Sun on this planet and was last seen in Colony 1 on the planet.

Despite the fact that Flesia is supposedly a paradise world, I kind of feel bad that we didn’t go to Nar Shaddaa after all. I still have a few contacts there whom I originally met at Corulag and managed to settle on Nar Shaddaa to run their own little operations. Yes, I’m thinking about you Thule San, I saved you when the Red Talons tried to ambush us at our safe house in sector 4. I think you can forget about the financial debt I had with you before, and those Thermal detonators I bought from the money did help us very well. In fact, I think you owe me now instead. Too bad the sector police were on us as well shortly after… that reminds me of the great heist that we managed to pull off.

I did my share of slicing computers before. Granted I’m not the best at the job, but these are techniques that will help in the near future still. The people in my current squad seem to know little about this kind of expertise. Just inspecting those computers when we were trying to figure out which ship on Kamino would make a suitable candidate for our mission to Flesia triggered some memories. I had learned a bit of slicing from my time with the Taishu Clan from the head slicer, Rhine Oceangold.

People underestimate the amount intelligence that can be gathered from these systems. Hence the greit heist that we did. Too bad it didn’t end well, but at least I didn’t take the fall for it. Oh Rhine, you were so good at what you did, and Dack Nekor just left you out to dry when the sector police dropped in and managed to capture you. I guess my turn to be backstabbed by the right hand of the boss, Hadir Segenius, wasn’t too far away either at the point. I was so naive to think that my brother would actually be alive and well on Dantooine.


From a field of darkness you glide backwards through a corridor and you feel weightless. Where are you? As your head turns left and right you can see closed doors, here and there pocked with dents and rust marks. Near the top of the passage, which seems to go on forever, light strips spread a dark orange hue. Occasionally one of the strips is dark.


You pass darkened corridors on the side. Each open space a maw that wants to swallow you whole. As you inhale the smell of sweaty bodies in close quarters and grease stings in your nostrils. Engines are softly humming in the background and pipes creak in the otherwise silent ship.

The hiss of a door opens behind you.

A storage room. Brightly lit. As you adjust your senses you see in the middle of the room, big grey vats neatly stacked. Somehow they seem out of place here. In a space with metal crates packed against the sides, discarded boxes in a corner, scratches in the floor, their labels are neat and orderly. They are treated with care, that much is obvious.

As you turn you see a hand resting on one of the barrels. A hand turns into an arm, then the back of a pristine dark uniform. As we turn around the vats the face becomes clear and you notice … Keira Harper. A calculated look in her eyes and a smile in the corner of her mouth. She seems content. Happy to finally be off of Kamino and out the torrential downpour?

As we back out of the area the smile turns into a grin. It’s a chilling sight as the doors close again with a hiss. The doors become smaller as they disappear into the distance and we retreat into the darkness once more.

Episode 6

NEXT SESSION OBLIGATION TRIGGER: 13 – Chett – Responsibility

NEXT SESSION DUTY TRIGGER: 46 – Basul – Resource Acquisition

An Untimely Request: Olen's Logbook

I saw Chett with this tribal necklace, it made him look so primitive. It did made me ponder about a few things. He went on his own to gain support from a bunch of tribal locals, on his own, with only that walking rug to back him up and he managed to come back alive and give us our needed support while assaulting that imperial base. I didn’t expect much from him when we first met, his tiny stature and an apparent lack of social skills doesn’t give the best first impression. But his latest act did show more strength and courage than many humans I’ve encountered in my life so far. It’s both funny and sad what happened in the mess hall to him. I made it seem like the drink I offered was a test of “manliness”, but now I realize that I subconsciously did out of respect for him. Too bad he didn’t react well to it, but that doesn’t matter.

Now for somebody who suck even lower in my opinion than she was before, Tryss. She made it appear like I was some imperial agent or traitor. While it may have appeared that I was doing something under the radar, she could have went to me first about it instead of going to command to mutter all that garbage. Nobody was taking initiative when we were in those cells, everybody seemed like they were ready to roll over and die. While what I did eventually didn’t work, it was showing initiative still and creativity to get us out of that hole. Part of the solution was Chett, and of course, the guy who shut down the power fields of our cells. I’m getting ready now for that secret mission Command has given out. No details yet, annoying. This gives me a very bad feeling about this all.

Well, we’re on our way now to some rendezvous point where apparently a huge Alliance fleet is gathering. This is a major op for sure. What does bother me a bit is the giant fleet of Star Destroyers arriving at Akuria right before we went into hyperspace. All those poor Alliance bastards are left behind to fend for themselves. I still hope they have a fighting chance, or at least do as much damage as they can before they go out. Fight until the end, by any means necessary, that’s what I believe in. The end justifies the means, nothing wrong with playing it a bit more dirty, as long as it’s a just cause.

An Imperial Job: Olen's Logbook

Me and my squad are currently locked away in this cell, residing in an imperial base. I guess fate has an amusing way, since our mission was to find this base one way or the other. Part of our mission leading to this was supposedly by intercepting the rescue ship of a Tie Fighter that crash landed on the surface of Akuria. Ofcourse, everything was a ploy, we were ambushed instead and imprisoned. Apparently the droid of Tryss made it out so here’s hoping that piece of junk actually is able to warn our commanders about our failure.

I saw Tryss being escorted away out of the cell block, and brought back after a while. I’ve no idea if she has released anything of information. They didn’t seem to treat her too badly, and she didn’t seem drugged either so who knows. Cameras are everywhere here, and I bet they’re able to hear us as well so trying to communicate a plan of a breakout is very hard. Time is of the essence. Apparently that woman we saw before in the smuggler’s base is an imperial lieutenant. That gives me an idea however, a bold idea but it might just work. I know the imperial rank structure because of my background. I also know some of the higher ranked imperial officers. Nobody seems to be really doing anything aside from waiting… I have to do something.

Alright, back into my cell. I had mentioned to our wardens that I might have some information for them. You should have seen the face of Sam, he’s residing in the cell across mine. Of course this all is a lie, I just wanted to get some information from them and at best perhaps find a way to get us all out of this place and accomplish our mission with a bit of luck. Sadly, the lieutenant didn’t go for the bait but she let me off easy for trying at least. There were cameras hanging into the interrogation chamber, otherwise I might have used my holdout blaster I always carry in a concealed holster. Those imperials did a poor job searching me thoroughly. The base we’re residing in didn’t seem finished, I guess otherwise they might have scanned us for certain items instead with the proper equipment.

Now residing safely again in the Rebel base, having made it out in one piece from the Imperial base. That flying garbage heap of Tryss did something useful for a change, more than she ever did. It managed to communicate our desperate situation to command. We also had insider in the imperial base. Command did mention that they had placed two spies in the workforce of the imperial base construction. One of them got captured, and the other was gone. Apparently the other one managed to free us and call in support. Also, Chett had made some new friends in the Akurian population and convinced us to liberate the Imperial base as well. It’s good to still my body, head, any other appendages and of course my uncanny wit for whatever else is to come in the near future.

Episode 5



NEXT SESSION DUTY TRIGGER: 53 – Pedro – Tech Procurement

Episode 4



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