Joris heeft de doodle geupdate. Even januari en februari bekijken, zodat Joris de volgende sessie kan inplannen.


Obligation & Duty:

Deze worden volgende sessie getriggered.



De missies waar jullie de volgende sessie uit kunnen kiezen.

Lost in prayer

Contact has been lost with Tanjin, a Rodian contact of us on Ylesia, in Hutt Space. He was supposed to check in two weeks ago but we haven’t heard from him. Be careful of the cult of the one and all operating on the planet. The Besadii Hutts control the cult so one word of advise: here it’s best to keep your eyes open and your ears covered.

Running with your eyes closed

Deliver a cargo of weapons to the Rebel safehouse in the Corellian sector on Nar Shaddaa. Check in with our local contact Fel Ory and check if they need any help. Be careful, it has come to our attention that Imperial interest in Nar Shaddaa is rising.

Hidden in plain sight

Loyood the Hutt of the Gorensla kajudic contacted us with the message that one of the shipments meant for Nar Shaddaa didn’t arrive at the agreed rendez-vous point. To keep our relationship smooth, and for Loyood not to be the laughing stock of the Hutts, we want to keep this very low profile. Find out what happened to the ship Lamba Day and make sure the cargo arrives at Nar Shaddaa.

The Dark of Night

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